Welcome to our shop
The Willamette Valley Gunsmithing Company  offers a complete and full service
shop for your  needs from Custom gunsmithing to refinishing, we do it all in house.
Our staff is factory trained and armour certified by most manufacturers such as:
Berretta, Colt, S& W, Remington and more.

We do work for other gunsmithing / gunshops  nation wide.

Our Technicians have 2yr Gunsmithing / Machine Technology Degree's and journeyman's
Cards, no "self taught" folks here.

We custom build handguns, rifles and shotguns From hunting to tactical, sporting to
carry,working  to collectibles. Our wood and metal restorations are top notch and well
respected with in the industry.

If you have fire or water damaged firearms, we can  restore them to their original condition
in most  cases. We work with several industry leaders in  this field and most insurance

Our work and products have been in use with many federal, state, military and
government    agencies since moving here to Oregon in 1983.

LEO/Military contract work is available from us, we can set up a preventative maintenance
program to fit your needs.

Two members of our staff has been  gunsmithing  since the 1970"s. That is what           
gives our shop a unique depth that many others  do not have.

Life member NRA


We will no longer accept  " Taurus" for repair due to the inability to obtain parts.
Please return to manufacture.

Contact Us Today:
E-mail us: willamettevalleygunsmithing@yahoo.com

Public Hours Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 4pm to  6pm
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George's Willamette Valley
A partial view of the machine
shop area. We are always up
grading machines and
An early Marlin Lever action  
sent to us for a full
restoration.  It left the factory
as a half     octagon, half
round Bbl, half     magazine,
pistol griped take down w/
inlays and extra fancy wood.
When we received it, it   
looked like a fence post. We
returned it looking like this.
The mid-west owner was
With our  friendly shop you and
your weapon will be treated
Take a look at our refinishing  
page for our
Re-bluing, Rust
bluing, Wood restoration and
our new
Pacific coat,  
A "T" series Browning Hi -
Power we restored. Carried
thru RVN 1968 by a " Charlie
Mdl" gunship pilot. Rusted
and well worn from a hard
tour of duty when our shop
received it, now his old
friend looks new again.